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Our Financial Administrator

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Sherlie Jones

Financial Administrator

Sherlie Jones, a native of Mississippi, loved charity work since her youth. She is inspired by her ancestors. In remembering how her ancestor reached out and helped others, she developed a passion for charity work. This passion is embedded within Sherlie today as The Chosen Community Development Corporation Financial Administrator.  She is a former Federal Government employee, retired in 2018 after 35 years of service.  During her service, she served as Team-Lead Accounting System Specialist, Budget Analyst, Financial Analyst, Program Manager, Supervisor, Accounting Tech Team- Lead, Contract Officer Representative, and Civilian Equal Opportunity Volunteer Officers. She studied at William Carey University, Prentiss Junior college, Harford Community College, Defense Acquisition University, and The Master Bible Institute (MBI). She is an acceptance of the Equal Employment Opportunity Award, Abundance of Outstanding and Special Acts Awards, and 2018 MBI Valedictorian Award. 

Sherlie's desire to help people and her life experiences prompted her to organize a Grief Reach-out Charity group in 2009.   This group helps and brings hope and joy to others during life's difficult times in our communities and other states.

Sherlie has a deep appreciation for how the Chosen Community Development Corporation nonprofits seek to enhance the lives of families. 

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